(v2.0 on the Appstore)

Smart immunisation record

Makes sure that you are properly protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

How does it work ?

The platform delivers personalised vaccine recommendations. Its expert system computes these recommendations according to monthly rules established by the French government.

Anonymously store your vaccinations and share them with healthcare professionals.

Technical details (v2.0)

I wrote this app in Objective-C for iOS7+. It is a complete overhaul of the MesVaccins v1.0 iOS app that I developed in 2012 for iOS5+.

It was built using the VIPER architecture for cleanliness, testability and reusability of the code.

The app consumes a JSON REST API.

Beta testing was done using HockeyApp.


Storing your vaccinations

Never lose your vaccinations again !

Vaccine search engine

Easily search through MesVaccins’ vaccine database to enter your immunisation record.

Vaccine protection assessment

MesVaccins’s expert system computes which diseases you should be vaccinated against.

Health profile form

A health profile form is generated according to gender and age.

It helps define precise vaccine recommendations by gathering relevant data from your medical history or environment.

For instance, if you’ve had chickenpox before, you don’t need the chickenpox vaccine.

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