(v1.4 on the Appstore)

Modern day fan club

Social media content for fans of celebs in a single place. Most engaged fans on the platform get prizes.

How does it work ?

Connect your social media accounts to buddybounce and read content from other buddybounce users. Obtain badges with achievements (ex: a celeb follows you on twitter). Giveaways reward the most active fans on the platform.

Technical details

I wrote version 1.0 of this app in Objective-C for iOS7+ under the supervision of a senior iOS developer. However, I am no longer involved in its development.

The app consumes a JSON REST API. It was developed using TDD to ensure quality and stability.

Beta testing was done using HockeyApp.


Favorite celebs

Follow all your favorite celebs

Celeb news

Social media relevant to your favorite celebs

Tweets, Instagram photos...

Social media content from users in the Buddybounce community

Push notifications

Notifications for all activity on Buddybounce

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